Calla lily meaning is sombre and grave. In one hand it is used in weddings as sign of purity and on the other hand it resembles resurrection and often planted in the graves. The flower is very attractive and beautiful and in one hand it resides in the wedding bouquet and in other it is used in funeral arrangements.

About calla lilies

 Calla lilies are a native of southern Africa. They are grown from rhizomes and once planted they keep spreading. It does not need too much care neither is it very sensitive to soil variations. It can thrive in any kind of soil, provided there is a humid climate around. It is a very attractive flower and the most common colour that we see around is white. But the flower is found in colours like burgundy, pink, yellow, blackish purple, and orange. In the marriages the colour that is used is white, symbolic the purity of union. A bouquet that is made from white calla lilies and red roses is a very common preference.

There are many themes added to the calla lilies and a lot of accessories are found in shape of calla lilies. For the funeral the blackish purple colour is often used. The more important aspect of the calla lilies is that they can stay fresh for seven days after getting cut from the stem. At home too, the flower is planted in gardens and pots. Since they can thrive in a wide range of soil, it is easy to rear. The elegance of the flower is the reason for its popularity. The cup shape of the flower is symbolic of feminine aspects and rebirth. But if the flower is accidentally consumed, it may be poisonous. It contains crystals of Calcium Oxalate that may cause a burning sensation in the mouth. The flower springs in spring and it often synonymous with sixth anniversary.

Legend behind calla lily

Calla lily meaning has been related to Greek goddess Hera. The word calla means beautiful. The legend goes like this. Zeus, the roman god had fathered Hercules with earthly women. When Hercules was born, Zeus wanted Hercules to have divine powers. He drugged Hera and let the little Hercules nurse from her. As Hera came back to her senses, she was furious and pushed the baby aside. During this act, the milk way was formed and as the few drops of milk fell on the earth they became lilies. Seeing the beautiful lilies, Venus felt that her beauty is being challenged. She began cursing the flower and soon a heavy pistil came out of the centre of the beautiful cup shaped flower. Callas lilies are associated with Mother Mary, and it symbolises her purity and virginity. Again it is seen on Easter and it herald resurrection. It also is related to the holy cross and Christ’s passions while on it.  During the Victorian Era, puritans imposed restrictions on the use of impure words and since then flowers are used to transfer feelings of the heart. Different flowers have different meaning and the Calla lily meaning is both rebirth and union.


God has made the Mother Nature for the humans and calla lily flower is one of the jewels of Mother Nature with all its majesty and the beauty. It is the pride of all the beautiful occasions which are being graced by this trumpet shaped flower along with its large leaves. The calla lily meaning is the way of expression of love and affection by Mother Nature for its most favourite creature, the humans. The humans are also paying back with their humble acknowledgment of its beauty as these beautiful flowers are occupying the place of pride in the thoughts of the wedding planners and the flower growers. The calla lily meaning is the beauty of a bouquet which is being enhanced by just placing some twigs of it in it. These calla lily flowers are also having its fans among the painters and the home designers who are very fond of the flowers because of its simplicity. The home decoration is one of the important parts which occupy the calla lily meaning.

All about it:

The rhizomes are responsible for the growth of calla lily. It is the favourite flower of the gardeners who supply it to various designers and other related professionals who use it to decorate the bouquets and wedding functions as its popularity is gaining grounds. The calla lily meaning that it is neither a calla nor the lily but a part of zantedeschia genus. The South Africa is the place from where it has come. The speciality of the flowers is that these are capable of growing in any soil as long as the conditions are humid. It is a suitable plant for the decoration of the domestic gardens.

It’s symbolic meaning:

The symbolism in the calla lily meaning is its association with weddings as its whiteness is depicting purity and a reunion of hearts whereas its trumpet like shape is the symbol of a female body. The another calla lily meaning is that it is symbolising the theory of rebirth as well as resurrection; for such wider meanings of this beautiful flower make it the essential part of all important states of human life, that is, from the alter of marriage up to the funeral arrangement and cemetery plantation. There is another important calla lily meaning. The common colour of the calla lily flower is white but it is also found in other colours such as red, yellow burgundy, pink, orange and the last but not least the purple or black. But even in the weddings, the white calla lily flower is very popular because of its looks. It defines purity and elegance. The bouquet of calla lily is majestic in the looking and by placing some roses; it could be a mixture of the beautiful contrasts. The popularity of the calla lily in the funeral arrangements is not only because of its symbolism of rebirth as well as resurrection but also because of it ability to stay afresh for seven to ten days. In the homes, the bunch of calla lily flowers is placed in a simple vase which is a symbol of the beauty staying beyond times.